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About Us

Bota was established on May 21st, 2015 by a foreign concept to serve and bring the best quality food and restaurant chain to cater the Nepalese market. Bota is Nepal’s one of the most emerging food

Bota Food And Restaurant specializes in production sector, service, food and restaurant chain and more.

The company is set to open multiple outlets all over the country. Bota, being already in operation in various locations has received many accolades in such a short period of time.

Your friendly neighborhood Bota Food and Restaurant promises to deliver wide range of yummylicious food that will keep you drooling for more.
The core objective of the company is to deliver “the best service”, “the best quality”, “the best food”, “and “the utmost hygiene” at “ the best price”.

Our Vision:
The biggest food and restaurant conglomerate to serve in every corner of your neighborhood. “ “We are here to touch your heart”

Our Mission:
The best food , the best quality. the best service, the best price and the utmost hygiene food and restaurant chain that won’t hurt your wallet.

Our Goal:
The objectives we cherish to obtain our goal: “retention, efficiency, and growth .” We value our customers.

We are serving you from: 
1. Bota Kumaripati : 9802055040
2. Bota Kamalpokhari : 014419400
3. Bota Anamnagar : 015705078
4. Bota Jhochhen : 014224033
5. Bota Kausaltar : 016636711?
6. Bota Chakrapath. : 014374704
7. Bota Pulchowk. : 015010685

Our CSR:
"Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator". We believe in caring mother nature and making our world better. We are committed to care our environment. "Green is the theme of Bota". Our plates "Bota" are bio degradable, very hygenic and it makes us consume less water. Lets care our mother nature..>#Gogreen

Head Office:
NP Kitchen Pvt Ltd.,
Chundevi Marg, Ganesh Basti,
Ward-4, Kathmandu,


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Bota Anamnagar

Below Nabil Bank
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Bota Kumaripati

Opposite to Sanima Bank
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Bota Kamalpokhari

Opposite to Nepal Police Beat
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Bota Jhochee

Jhochee Street
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Bota Kausaltar

Bhaktapur Highway
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Bota Chakrapath

Near Maharajgunj Chowk
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Bota Pulchowk

Pulchowk Turn, Opp NABIL Bank
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Bota Boudha

Tussal, Boudha
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Bota Sankhamul

Near Sankhamul Slope from New Baneshwor Chowk
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Bota Biratnagar

RK City Center
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Bota ....

Opening Soon
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Bota .....

Opening Soon
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